WEEK 40: When life gives you lemons.. AHEM.. When Kiwis give you lemons...

Dear everyone!

This week, I was sick. I just got a bad cold and that wasn't fun. The relief society President found out and posted on the ward facebook page to "go bring the sisters some lemons and honey" which... was not good because we are not supposed to have anyone come to our flat, and we are not supposed to accept any drop-off things. Despite that--we probably had about 10 people call us saying they were coming anyway. We told them not to, but they did. Agh! We came home and there was a giant bag of lemons on our doorstep. Now we are overflowing with lemons. So, I guess now we know the ward cares about us! When Kiwis give you lemons...

Short thought: I really like this quote- 

"Discipleship is not simply surviving and enduring; discipleship is a pressing forward, a Creative Christianity. Discipleship does not wait to be acted upon, but instead acts upon men and circumstances to make things better." 
- Neal A Maxwell

I love the phrase "Creative Christianity".

Let me say it again- Creative Christianity. What are we doing to actively follow Christ? May we all ponder our own creative discipleship efforts this week.

Arohanui and Kia kaha,

Sister Barker

     PS : we treated ourselves and I got some New Zealand Butterscotch Caramel milk.... yes it does taste as good as it sounds. :)
       Ready,  Set......(Before Hair Cut).....  My Hair was getting so long and I needed a change,  SO....
        The End Result !!!!  

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