Dear everyone!

This has been a truly glorious week. Glorious. Highlight of the week-- I was able to meet President Russell M. Nelson. Yes that's right, THE PROPHET. The President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The mouthpiece and the heart surgeon and the REAL GUY! I shook his hand and looked into his eyes and I could not stop smiling the whole day. It was such a blessing to hear him speak to us as a congregation of about 250 missionaries. The minute he walked into the room I TRULY felt the spirit testify to me that he is a real prophet of God. It was undeniable. I must have looked really happy, because when I shook Sister Wendy Nelson's hand she said to me with a knowing smile, "Are you having fun?" to the which I replied giddily, "Yes!" Elder Gong also said "Hello Sister Barker" when he shook my hand. It was a dream. I was just a floating fantasy missionary that day. We woke up at 3:30am in order to get ready and be on a bus to Auckland at 5 (which is about 2 ish hours away) to be there extra early. They also did a devotional at night to all of the members in New Zealand which was wonderful too. They announced the site of the Auckland temple, which was the same place President Nelson had spoken to us earlier that day. My heart is full. We live in such a wonderful time, we are all lucky to have the fullness of the gospel and the continuing revelation through prophets today.

   That's my mission president, president Cummings. Spot the cheesin' Sister Barker!

I'm also so grateful for the bishopric in our ward. They have been so loving to Noah, who was just baptized, and helping him to feel a part of the ward. Their example of righteous priesthood holders is inspiring to me. Noah definitely has a lot of good men to look up to now, with our Savior Jesus Christ as the ultimate exemplar :) The baptism went well and Sister Isabell and I taught the restoration. It was a wonderful day. Just a reminder to all the adults.. never forget that you have a powerful influence on the youth of the church... I have had a front row seat to watch this as Noah has progressed and learned. Heavenly Father uses you as an instrument for good.

I hope you all smile today and remember what a beautiful world we live in :) don't forget to enjoy your time here on earth everybody!

-Sister Allison Barker

     Sister Toi, Sister Isabell, and myself the day we met the Prophet!
        Noah's Baptism
        Noah's Baptism

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