WEEK 38: Am I serving in New Zealand or Texas??

Kia Ora whanau!!!

Hi! First, the question- am I serving my mission in New Zealand or Texas?

Answer: Both!!

Yesterday, Sister Isabell and I woke up early... about 5:30 a.m. (that's a sacrifice haha) to video call in to watch Kenny's baptism! He is someone we have been teaching in the online teaching center, he lives in Bryan,Texas. It started with Kenny clicking an ad on the internet put out by the church.. he filled out his information and then Sister Sapoi and I called him. We immediately began to teach him over the phone about the Plan of Salvation. He was so curious and kept saying "that makes sense, that makes sense!" He had never known about the church before. We then were able to video call him an hour after that and teach him the whole Plan of Salvation. He told us on that video call he felt so comforted and warm about what we were saying about eternity. We then taught him- over the course of a few weeks- about 6 more lessons. We invited him to church and then we got the local missionaries involved because he was ready. We collaborated with them and we would call Kenny to read chapters of the Book of Mormon. He has grown so much. I'm so happy for him and his decision. He has such strong faith and is very funny and made me laugh so much on our calls. Here's my little Texas hooray: "I'm so happy Y'ALL!!" Haha :)

The online teaching center is such a unique opportunity and I love it. I'll admit, I was unsure at first, but now my heart is full for even more people... all around the world. I've become very skilled at calculating time zones... no more calling people at 3 a.m.... rookie mistakes ;) but honestly I really enjoy it and hope to improve my teaching online!

I've been thinking this week about Christ saying, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light". Sometimes...maybe more than just a little of the time.... I have felt the burden is definitely not light and NOT easy. So when I read that scripture I think, "how is this possible?!" And then, it clicked more in my mind. When we try to carry it ALONE, (the weight of our responsibilities and callings) it isn't easy. But with Christ we are ENABLED to be able to do it. We have to turn to Him in prayer and be willing to accept His help. We are not supposed to do things on our own.

I love you all, Kia kaha!

-Sister Barker

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