WEEK 33: Forgiveness

Hello Everyone,

Here is my apology for not writing a group email for a few weeks, sorry about that!

A subject that has weighed on my mind quite a bit for the past few weeks is forgiveness. A mission gives you many, many, many chances to learn how to forgive people. Actually, correction. LIFE gives you many chances to forgive people, everyday. 

I am prone to justify my hurt feelings, and often, I do. But no growth can happen there!! Sometimes it has been so rough that I just fell to my knees saying, "Heavenly Father, I really really need thy help in letting go of these feelings and having forgiveness fill my heart." This has been a wonderful realization for me. As I have relied fully upon the Savior's grace to give me the strength to forgive, I have had feelings of compassion come into my heart for those who have entirely wronged me. This is a blessing. I love my Savior. 

Forgiveness is more for you than it is for the other person. Don't hold on to poison.

An experience from my week: 
We had a wonderful lesson with a lady we are teaching at a member's home. We taught her about the temple and the spirit was so strong. She was just nodding and her eyes were shining. We showed a video of Elder Rasband and Elder Bednar showing the Rome Italy temple so she could see an example of what we were talking about. When she saw the celestial room, she said, "I just felt something. Really warm and peaceful. I need to go to that room someday." I absolutely loved this lesson and was just filled with peace. I wish I could go to the temple while being on a mission. If you are in Utah and you have about 20 different temples around you right now, you have no idea how lucky you are.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sister Barker

General Conference Quotes

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of talks relating to missionary work, and everyone being involved. What do you specifically need to do to be involved in missionary work? 

"Each member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an individual responsibility to learn and live the Lord’s teachings and to receive by proper authority the ordinances of salvation and exaltation.  We should not expect the Church as an organization to teach or tell us everything we need to know and do to become devoted disciples and endure valiantly to the end. Rather, our personal responsibility is to learn what we should learn,  to live as we know we should live, and to become who the Master would have us become."  -Elder Bednar

Pray not only for the missionaries to find the elect. Pray daily with all your heart that you will find those who will come and see, come and help, and come and stay.
-Elder Uchtdorf   

The immediate goodness of God comes to all who call upon Him with real intent and full purpose of heart. This includes those who cry out in earnest desperation, when deliverance seems so distant and suffering seems prolonged, even intensified.  
-Kyle S. Mckay

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