WEEK 30: Honesty

Hi Hi Hi!

Kia Ora :)

To all those who are wondering, yes, we are very saddened by the recent events in Christchurch and are praying consistently for everyone affected. Please keep them in your prayers as well. I love New Zealand and the many wonderful people here that we meet consistently. 

We have been teaching a lady named Karen who is completely changing her life around and it is so inspiring. She is keeping commitments before we even give them to her and was asking us for Ensign magazines the other day. She is very honest about how she is feeling and has completely opened up. I love when we don't have to push people to do things, we can just help them cultivate the desire they have and be true guides in experiencing the Gospel.

Her example has made me think about how Honest we are with ourselves. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept that we don't understand something so we push it under the rug. I know that I have done this before. But growth, real growth, comes from facing what we don't understand and wrestling with it. I thank Heavenly Father for the opportunities he gives us to grow :)

Here are some pictures from beautiful Paeroa, we went there last P-day.

Love you all! Kia Kaha!

-Sister Barker

                      Beautiful Waterfalls in New Zealand!!
                                                   Awesome Waterfall hikes!
                    Mission Conference :  Sister Toi, Sister Wihongi

      L&P - New Zealand Soda that has the best slogan: "World Famous in New Zealand"
               Nasty Musk Lifesavers.......I do not like these!

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