WEEK 27: The Lord is my Light

Ni hao,
Malo e leilei,

It has been a week of many languages, and translators in lessons. I'm grateful for the members who have taken the time to translate for those we are teaching. I have watched expressions and body language and wow, it has been fascinating. Especially the Chinese and Tongan lessons we have had. So much diversity here!

I had a funny experience where I was in a particularly bouncy mood after some really good lessons, and we had just come home from a long day. I went to the spare room to put my shoes away and get ready for bed, and as I did so, I sang very loudly, " THE LORDDD IS MY LIIIIIGHT" and turned on the light switch to that room. However, the lightbulbs did not agree with my singing, and after a moment of sputtering and flickering, the lightbulbs died in that room. I had just sang the Lord is my Light and then the lightbulbs died. Great moment. So, no more light in that room! We haven't found the time to fix it yet, so I am reminded every time I walk in there.

We are organizing a fireside for next week, so hopefully that goes well! It will be people sharing their conversion stories and some fun musical numbers.

Challenge for YOU: find more humor in your daily tasks. The ones you find absolutely boring. I think Heavenly Father smiles when we just decide, "You know what, I'm going to have fun with this thing I don't normally like to do, but I want to CHANGE that!" ha! You CAN overcome the natural man and it's more fun that way. 

Prayers and blessings to all,

Sister Barker 

     Sisters who I  drive to the online teaching center each day! Sister Taafale and Sister Epati

                                                                Beautiful Missionaries !!

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