WEEK 20: Locked out + deeper conversion + hiding

Hi everyone:)

Ok, honesty time.

I realize, (after looking at some of my other emails) that I may have made everything look like peaches and sparkles and cake to some degree. 
Which, is not true Haha. 
Missionary work is WORK! But it's really fun work. It is so fulfilling BECAUSE you have to work hard. It is so fun.
I think I miss some of the more rugged aspects when writing, including sweat, tears, bug bites, ripped skirts, dogs (oh my oh my), angry people, etc.

But I want to focus on the miracles because they are so WORTH IT. 

I think every missionary can resonate with that.

I did something silly... and locked us out of our house. I just simply left the keys inside on the counter, and shut the door. My goal this week was having better patience when problems arise... so God was giving me the opportunity right then and I knew it. Long story short... we broke through a window by unscrewing the hinges (super thief like) and got the keys. If you set Patience for your goal-- make sure you are prepared for anything!

I spoke in church this week about deeper conversion. I picked that topic because I'm studying it myself. We MUST build our foundations on Christ in this world. We MUST stay strong and exercise our faith. This is a lifelong pursuit that we cannot afford to be casual about. Conversion is a process, not an event. 

We had a lesson with an investigator and her friend was sitting in the corner of the room when we walked in. I promptly approached him, stuck out my hand for a handshake, smiled and said, "Hi! I'm Sister Barker!" He turned away and wouldn't look at us. So, we continued with the lesson when finally Sister Theobald (the member that came with us) said, "what does your friend in the corner think about all this?" He began to open up a LOT and we found out a large part of his family were members of the church. I was so shocked. He was just hiding in the corner and we thought he was ignoring us but he was listening to every word. I think he will join us for the next lesson. We often can think people don't care, or see, or understand, but in reality, a lot of people are hiding. Just hiding behind an expression. But they really are observing every detail and word.

Have a good week everyone!
Aroha nui,
Sister Barker

                                             Our District
                                 Sister Leith, one of my favorite members
                    Beautiful view that we are spoiled to see every day
Giant great Dane we thought was going to eat us while door knocking but was actually really nice. 

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