Week 18: Never ignore a prompting + Thai food + Te Puke beauty

Hello everyone!

Here we are again, on a lovely P-day morning, writing a letter.

I learned a lesson this week (which it seems I have learned this over and over) to NEVER ignore a prompting. We were driving to an investigator's house on a sunny Saturday morning, and I got a strong impression to turn on to "Concord" street. I thought, "That's ridiculous, we have a plan of where we are going and there is no one on Concord street." I kept silent and kept driving. We passed the street. As soon as we did I almost felt chastised with the subtle whisper, "Turn around, now." I rolled my spiritual eyes and thought that if I tried to turn around on this busy street Sister Meto would think I am crazy (more than she already does haha) and I might kill us in the process with all the heavy beach traffic-- so many surfers I tell you. Nevertheless, I turned us around, and we headed back to Concord. Sister Meto was surprised but said, "Ok... if that's what you feel!" I knew immediately which house we were to go to, so we walked up, knocked on the door, and a man answered. "Hello Sisters! I had no idea there were missionaries in this area!". His 10 year old daughter was there too. He began to tell us he grew up in the church but left as a teenager. He opened up quite quickly to tell us 3 of his brothers had passed away in the last 5 years, and this house was one of those brother's. They had moved into it recently. We were able to bear testimony that his brothers are watching out for him because of the prompting. He said he has been brought to an awareness lately because of these deaths in his family, and knows he needs to come back to church. His daughter has never gone to church, but was curious about who we were. We will be seeing them again soon. What a wonderful miracle. Never ignore a prompting.

Thai food is yum, and I had an intense craving for it one day. We went to a Thai food place, and while we were waiting for our order, a man came up to US and asked us who we were and became quite interested. We will be going to his home for a lesson this week. Thai food + new investigator = a good deal.

Te Puke (Tay Pookay) is so beautiful. I went there on exchanges this week and loved driving through all the kiwi farms. So pretty. And fluffy chickens too! It felt good to get away from the city for a little bit. 

Have a good week everyone! 


Sister Barker

                                               Sis Mariteragi, me, someone we met :)
                                                                             Fluffy Chickens !!
                                                      Pretty View 
                                                                      Funny sign on a door we knocked on

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