WEEK 17: Allison Street + Just Jump + Hello New Year

Kia Ora Whanau!!!!!

Hello everybody! I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday week filled with good food and good people :)

This week was great! We had Christmas and a lot of members wanted us to come over, we felt so loved haha:) 

We had a little miracle this week. Our district leader asked us to pray for guidance and have both companions write down 10 street names, and if any of them matched, to door knock the whole street. We did so and the first street that both of us put on our lists was "Allison street" .Neither of us looked at each other's lists or discussed it. I'm surprised I haven't been there yet, because our area is not very large and um, it's my name (spelled right too!). The FIRST house opened her door and she immediately welcomed us in. We talked for over an hour and it was as though this lady was just sitting by the door waiting for us. She was reading the bible when we knocked on the door. We will be visiting her again this week. Pray for our new friend Shona:) The spirit is an amazing guide. I never want to neglect this gift.

I have thought recently about this quote from Elder Holland regarding ministering:

"We thank you for following our beloved prophet in this wonderful endeavor and suggest that you not wait for many more instructions. Just jump into the pool and swim. Head toward those in need. Don’t be immobilized wondering whether you should do the backstroke or the dog paddle. If we follow the basic principles that have been taught, stay aligned with priesthood keys, and seek the Holy Spirit to guide us, we cannot fail."

Don't be immobilized.

I can so easily get caught in the trap of HOW.
How am I going to do this? How are we going to find them? How how how. I can become meticulous in my planning, trying to force things to come together.

Becoming a missionary has taught me more than ever that "Just jump into the pool and swim" is a good thing to learn. I do not discount my plans and still believe preparation is important, but knowing that God will catch you if you try is so important. Relying on Him will slowly teach us humility, patience, and a greater love for His plans.

Welcome 2019! Hello New Year! I'm so excited for this WHOLE year I have to be a missionary. Such a blessing. I hope you all set goals that will allow you to rely on God to meet them:) 

Have a happy New Year,

Sister Barker

        -Christmas with the Brons family :)
     A member gave me a Pounama (Greenstone) for Christmas! This is a special Maori gift :)
        -Origami Christmas trees we made

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