Week 16: Pavlova & Puhtacawa + Rest home Nativity + Christmas-ness


Hello Hello!

First of all, thank you to anyone who has sent me a package or letter, you have certainly brightened my day. I have not opened them yet because they are sitting next to the 5 dollar Christmas tree I bought at kmart. I will open them tomorrow:) thank you so much!!

Ok. So Pavlova. YUMMMM. I love this stuff! it's a New Zealand treat that is a new favourite of mine. There was a lot of it at the ward Christmas party and I was in heaven.

The Putahcawa tree (I know I'm spelling this wrong) is considered the "Kiwi Christmas tree" because of its bright red and green colors, and they are in full bloom. I love these trees and the beauty of New Zealand all around me, even if it's different than a snowy Christmas at home. 

We sang Christmas hymns at a rest home as a district which was really fun. They had the residents act out the nativity and I think it was the best portrayal I have seen. They were all dressed up in costumes and even had a Walker turned into a donkey for Joseph. The lady who was the angel was my favorite because she was so excited about her part, and she even had these huge white angel wings. It was wonderful.

I sang Silent Night in sacrament meeting with the Bishop's daughter, Eden. It was a Christmas program and it went well. An American family from Florida just moved into our ward so I have enjoyed talking to them and watching them experience some of the same things I have with little differences. 

My heart is so full and I am so grateful. My Heavenly Father knows me, and knows you. I have grown through focusing more on the Savior through this season. I am grateful for Him and the gift he is to all of us.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Sister Barker

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