WEEK 15: Staying + Can I buy that book? + thunderstorm

Kia Ora everyone!

First, a quote:

“The next time you’re tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead. It will extend your life and make the lives of all those around you more enjoyable” (“Come What May, and Love It,” Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin)

Such a good thing to practice.

Transfers were this week and most everyone else changed except for us. I will be staying in the Mount Maunganui area still with Sister Meto for at least another 6 weeks. I'm happy to be able to stay here for Christmas with my New Zealand ward whanau :)(family). There are a lot of older people in our area, because it's a popular place to retire, so I have a lot of kiwi Nans and koros that I love. (Grandmas and Grandpas) We have a new STL and a new district leader, and I am definitely going to miss Sister Glass and Elder Song.

There was a sister that was being transferred from Gisborne to Hamilton and she missed her bus, so she ended up staying with us for a day in a trio. She was from Kiribati so she and sister Meto started speaking in that language and it was crazy! Woah they can talk so fast. We woke up early to take her to her bus and she made it safely. The traffic here is insane because it is Christmas time and we have a lot of visitors. Also there are cruise ships that come in and flood the area with so many people. 

We started to teach a wonderful older lady named Maureen who I absolutely love. We met her knocking on doors during a rainstorm. We taught her the restoration and then the next time we came back she asked US if she could have a copy of the Book of Mormon. She wanted to BUY it from us, Haha. We gave it to her and she committed to read just the introduction before we came back in a few days. When we did come back, she had not only read the introduction but also NINE chapters of 1st Nephi. and had written down things she liked and all these different questions. It was a missionary dream come true. She's an artist so she loved the symbolism and meaning of the tree of life chapter. It was so amazing for me to see that someone we had met a few days ago was now reading the Book of Mormon, and understanding it. Please pray for her that her desires continue to grow. She also gave us a Christmas present and a bag of lemons which was so nice.

We had a CRAZY night thunderstorm and we thought we were in a tsunami or hurricane or monsoon or whatever you want to call it! The whole house shook and there were sirens going off outside. We were so tired though that we just fell asleep. Haha. 

It feels strange to see all the Christmas things without any snow... there's fake snow and fake snowmen and it's just weird for my brain. It is getting SO hot.

The work is continuing and we have a lot of things to do! Our ward party is this week so we have invited a lot of people to it. Pray that it goes well and they show up!

Have a wonderful week,

Sister Barker

    Some of our investigators and our trio with Sister Tokarawa
yet ANOTHER New Zealand thing with the brand name "Barker's"
gift from Maureen 

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