WEEK 14: Joy to the world + stolen shoes + pray


*imagine me and Sister Mariteragi on your doorstep singing to you*

We decided to be caroling missionaries and go hymn doorknocking on exchanges. This was a fun experience. Some people still slammed the door though! But it's ok. I love talking about Christmas with people and Christ. 

We went to the Brons family home for dinner on Thursday. We go over to their house every week and we have become good friends and they help us with fellowshipping a lot. Little did we know that Faye, the 4 year old granddaughter,  stole our shoes while we were eating. She hid them in different places around the backyard. We went to leave, and were very very confused about where our shoes went! We spent a solid amount of time with the whole family searching around the house and finally found them outside. Haha, that was fun.


Hey, you, do you know that God loves you?

 Do you actually believe it? 
Think about that for a minute.

If you don't know, go sincerely ask Him.

That's where my testimony started. It was a simple, but very powerful assurance that God loved me. I cannot deny that experience. Things have just grown from that. At the core of every doctrine we can see that we have a loving Heavenly Father. I talked about this in District Council and we agreed that others need to understand this Love at the center of things.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

Please pray for the people we are teaching. There are going to be some pivotal moments this upcoming week, I can feel it. 

Aroha nui,

Sister Barker
                                                                       Sister Onsamer

 Playing Uke with Eden
                                                                               Our District
Hymn Door knocking with Sister Mariteragi
Eating Pipi's at an investigator's house
     A manly store in the mall called "Barkers" !!

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