WEEK 13: Avocados + Light the World + Paper Routes

Kia Ora everybody!

It's DECEMBER!!! Oh my goodness I cannot tell  you how excited I am for this month! I want every month of my mission to be December. I am really looking forward to help others remember Christ during Christmas, and participating in light the world every day! Go to mormon.org and look at what YOU can do today to serve others during this season :)

I decided to scare/surprise my companion by sneaking up behind her at her desk with a bubble wand and blow giant bubbles over her head. That was a good decision. She screamed and then laughed and was so confused. She says that I am very "interesting" Haha. I also made her try pop rocks which was SO entertaining. She said it was like "insects in her mouth with popcorn". Beautiful description.

We had a great experience this week buying Avocados. Yes, Avocados. We stopped by a little truck on the side of the road to buy a few and started talking to the young guy selling them. He starting asking us a lot of questions and couldn't believe that we were not being paid to do this work. He agreed to come learn more at the chapel. We thought he wouldn't show up and was just being nice,
(because that has happened before...often)
But he did! He came and we taught him a few basic principles. He was so curious about Baptism and was staring at the font. Unfortunately, he is going back to India soon so we can't teach him, but it was a wonderful introduction. He loved touring the chapel and learning. So moral of the story, buy avocados! But really, talk with everyone, in everyday situations.

We helped one of our investigators with her paper route which was actually quite fun :) she put a huge stack of papers in a pram (stroller) and we went around the neighborhoods. I like helping people with little things and talking to them about the Gospel because 1. They see you as a real person who really does want to help them and 2. They trust you enough to have lessons. I've never done a paper route until this week!

A quote I loved from Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf:

"The Church is not an automobile showroom—a place to put ourselves on display so that others can admire our spirituality, capacity, or prosperity. It is more like a service center, where vehicles in need of repair come for maintenance and rehabilitation."

I love this. Some people are afraid to come to church simply because they "dont know enough" or "don't feel close enough to God". Those are the reasons TO come to church. He will heal us, he will help us. I hope by  sending these emails you don't think I'm "putting myself on display". I really don't want to do that. I have just as many struggling moments as the good ones I share. I send these out as an update of a few things that have happened, and to hopefully uplift you in some way for the week :) 

I hope you all are enjoying the snow haha ;)

Aroha nui,

Sister Barker

     The Greerton Sisters!

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