WEEK 12: Rainstorms + Bikes + music


We had a LOT of rain this week!! There were several times we were caught walking in the rain:) It was strange, because I actually loved it. I don't think I've ever loved rain this much. It was so refreshing.

We rode the bikes a little bit this week! It gave me a break from driving and it was so nice. You get some strange looks when you are crusading around with a long flowy dress on a bike. But it's ok, we want the attention, we want people to ask what we're doing!!

Sister Meto is so funny. After an hour of personal study and silence, she looked me in the eyes with a very serious expression and said, "Sister Barker... (I was ready for anything with how serious she looked).... I don't know what to have for breakfast because my Coco pops are gone..."   Haha!
She was so serious and I laughed out loud and said "don't worry, we'll get you some coco pops." This week her book arrived for learning English so now I am an English teacher!! It is very fun. I didn't realize how many words are actually quite tricky to say though!

I had a beautiful spiritual experience this week with music. We went to see a lady, but her husband (who we had never met), answered the door. He looked like an old, grumpy leprechaun with a grey beard and blue watery eyes. He had a guitar with a strap in his hands. We asked where Wendy was, and he said she had just left. He was about to close the door, and I said "Wait!! Will you play something for us?" He said no... but I still persisted. I then pushed him for a trade, if I play a song, then he would have to play one too. He agreed and gave me the guitar. I played a spiritual song I wrote, and I could see him slightly smiling out of the corner of my eye. When I finished, he was CRYING. Without saying anything, he grabbed the guitar and played something that he wrote. It was all about God's love for us. It was so simple and humble and beautiful. Then I was crying and so was Sister Meto. So suddenly, the gruff, stiff character that he was a few minutes ago melted into a puddle and then we were just 3 souls crying on a front porch. He told me he had never shown that song to anyone, and it was deeply spiritual to him. He said I got it out of him. But I really know that it was the spirit. I completely related to this old man who shared that writing music like that is like praying for him. I loved that moment. Music can break down walls and touch us in a way that nothing else can.

I hope you all have a good week!
-Sister Barker

     Cleaning an investigator's home they moved out of
    Rainstorms !!! Walking in heavy rain for way, way too long!!!

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