WEEK 10 : Phones + Brownies + Hedgehog (or squash?)


Hello again:)

I hope all of you on the other side of the world are doing well!

This week was a little bit slower, but that's ok. We began the arduous process of taking the paper records from 
the area book and transferring the information into an app on the phones. We have to do ALL the records from 
previous missionaries from ages ago, as well as the people we are teaching now. That is a LOT of people. We
 are supposed to take an hour or two a day to accomplish this. I am being taught patience through this process, haha!

I decided to make brownies this week to take to some of the less active members of the ward. I thought this would
help establish a friendship, instead of  the "I am going to drag you to church" mentality that many people assume we
have. I really REALLY want to show people that we do care about them, because I do. I made the brownies and we
set off on our quest, with hope and a map. We went to about 7 different houses all over the area, and NONE were home. 
none. agh!  We had plates of brownies just sitting in our car, with no one to eat them. We ate lunch and tried to figure out 
what to do with the heaps of brownies. Sister Meto said, "Well...God gives us second chances, so why don't we give these
brownies a second chance?" She suggested that we go try to see all the houses we just tried....again. I thought it wasn't a 
good idea because we had JUST tried them, but I felt that she was probably inspired and I wasn't, so we went. 
And.... ALL OF THEM WERE HOME. ALL! We were able to share a short gospel message and give them the brownies :)
So, lesson learned. God gives us second chances, so give the brownies (and people) a second chance.

Sister Jeanette Booth is one of my favorite people in this area. She is so quirky, like straight out of a movie. I love teaching 
her though because she always prepares for each lesson and the spirit is there. She is really learning a lot and coming to 
church now every week. She doesn't really remember her baptism, or the significance of it, so we taught her about that this 
week. She wanted to be re-baptized, but we explained that when she takes the sacrament every week, she is renewing her 
covenants. It is so awesome to see someone come to really understand the doctrines of the Gospel and then just cling to
them. I have loved teaching her and watching her righteous desires slowly grow.

A funny thing was that we went to Jasmyn's house (a young pregnant mom) and we were just talking to her and we turned
around and on her grass was a HEDGEHOG. Just walking around. It was so cute.
 I said, "Sister Meto! LOOK!" 
and she said "oh oh! It's a SQUASH!" 
Jasmyn and I looked at her. 
Us: "A what?"
Meto: "A squash. That's what it's called, right?"
Us: "No, It's a hedgehog..."
Meto: "Oh... ok."

I thought that was funny:) A hedgehog is now a spiky squash in my mind.
I also talked in sacrament, again. I spoke about keeping our focus on the Savior. Remember to keep your focus on
Him in all the little things :)

Hope you all have a fantastic week.

-Sister Barker

   New Companion Sister Meto From Fiji !!   We also have our new smart phones.
Our Beautiful Beach !!
 At Church with Sister Meto
The Hedgehog   Or Squash??
Have a Great Week !!  Love, Sister Barker

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