WEEK 8: Service + Koji + Primary Program


Hello! Another good week!

The week started off with a miracle. We were praying in the morning of where to go and I looked down at the map and for some reason "roseberg" street would not leave my mind. I kept staring at it and told Sister Toi that we had to go there. So we did! We went to Roseberg street and knocked on all the doors with no success. on the second to last door, we walked down a long driveway and the door was open and standing in the entry way was none other than KOJI!! What?!  WHAT?! We were so shocked!
(If you don't remember me talking about him, he was a japanese student that was staying at our neighbors house, but he left a few weeks ago.) He had been moved to this other house to stay while he finished the program and was leaving in 2 days back to japan. He saw us and was so shocked and he kept saying, "This is a miracle. This is a miracle." He told us how we were the kindest people that he had met while being in new Zealand. A warm feeling came over me as we left the house. I knew that God wanted us to see Koji again. We went back the next day with a letter for him and a picture of Jesus Christ. I hope that he contacts the missionaries when he gets back to Japan.

The other cool thing was we had exchanges with a service project! I was in a trio with Sister Brough (from utah) and sister maretarangi (from Tahiti) We got to help fix up an old school by gardening and painting. The whole stake was helping and it was really cool. I finally got to wear one of those yellow helping hands vests that I have always wanted to wear :)

We have been working a LOT with this young Maori couple named Ren and Danielle. they have 2 kids, Tiariki and elijah. They have a lot of struggles but really want the Gospel in their lives. The way they found us was a miracle. Danielle had a huge argument and so she went outside and prayed to be led where she needed to be. She claims she doesn't know how, but she ended up at our chapel and the people outside were the elders from the other ward. She talked to them and now we are teaching them! We have a long way to go, but if they keep making better choices, they are going to get there. 

The primary program was this week and it was amazing. There were two men accompanying 6 kids on guitars. It was so beautiful. I started to cry when the Rikihanas family sang "Families can Be Together forever" With their son who has down syndrome. We went up with the kids and sang called to serve with them. Also I forgot to mention, but I spoke in church last week and it was great!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, and that you are still re-reading the talks from conference:)

Aroha nui,

Sister Barker

                                                                    Helping Hands Service!!

                               Meeting up with Koji again!  "This is a Miracle!"
                                                            Missionaries in our area
                                                                     Beautiful Mt. Maunganui !!

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