Kia Ora!

First of all... General Conference. Wow. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary in this wonderful time! It is an absolute blessing to be able to serve. Any hard things are swallowed up by that fact because it is a wonderful opportunity!!! I absolutely loved General Conference and the inspired messages of our church leaders. Also you should have seen the excitement around here about the new temple in Auckland!!! There are so many talks I could highlight on here, but I want to issue a little challenge instead. Go to lds.org and print out one of the talks that touched you and READ IT AGAIN. and APPLY it!!! We have been given so much good counsel so we need to apply it! Think of a specific action you will do in response to a talk. That is my challenge for you :) I received a lot of personal revelation for myself while listening, and also thought a lot about the major questions people we are teaching have. It was a different perspective to try to watch the speakers through their eyes. 

We finally hiked Mt. Maunganui!!! I will put pictures below!! We had zone P-day last week so the other sisters came with us too. It was so so beautiful and we could look down and see our entire area! There were sheep all over the mountain and it was a nice sunny day.

We had exchanges with the sisters in Papamoa so I got to go there for a day/night. I was with Sister Glass, who is also from Utah. We got a referral from a member (a young lady named Judea)  in the Mount ward of someone to visit in the Papamoa ward, so that's where we went. It was a man named Jon Davy with really bad back problems and illness, so he barely gets out. He talked to Judea outside a resturant and it was the first person he had spoken to in more than a month. She referred the missionaries to him so he allowed us to come. We talked with Jon a long time and he was really grateful. I felt the spirit tell me to just listen and try to understand him. He told us that both of us and Judea have a different light about us, and that's the only reason he allowed us to come. Never underestimate your ability as a member of this church to lift someone up. I'm not just talking about missionaries. You can lift others and they can see a physical difference in you, in your countenance. 

I hope you all have a lovely week! Read the conference talks again!!!

Aroha nui,

Sister Barker