Week 4: A short email but a long, good week :)


There have been a lot of firsts this week for me! So much new and I love it so much! I was able to just jump right into the work. I have met so many people this week! SO SO MANY. Ward members, less actives, strangers, nonmembers, everything. I wish I could tell you about all of there stories but there is no time! Something that I have realized (that I didn't before) is that a large part of my task as a missionary in this area is to strengthen the ward, the people who are already members. We have a tiny ward, probably about 25-30 people, and most of them are elderly. There has been a lot of conflict between members in the past and I hope to help ease that. There are many people who don't come to church simply because of the people. If anyone has suggestions on strengthening the ward, let me know! Pray for this ward.

We have a car, but we also walk a lot of places too. Something that happened this week was that the boot of our car (trunk) would not shut!! It was so annoying and very frustrating because we had to bungee cord it down and have some members help us fix it.... probably at least 6 times.My companion and I would laugh and cry simultaneously every time it would pop open again. Right now it is closed but we will see. Pray for our car haha.

All of my days this week have consisted in meeting people for lessons, door knocking, meeting with members, etc. It has all been new and wonderful! I love it! Something that I felt inspired to share with a lot of them was 1Nephi 17:13. It talks about being guided by God. There are a lot of people who are in there own wilderness and are just lost. I know that the Gospel gives us a clear path to follow and if we do, we will be happy. I have had the opportunity to say that many times this week.

- Sis. Barker

Funny notes:
-There is a bird in our backyard that sounds EXACTLY like the button on a crosswalk. Ya know, "Beep boop". It wakes us up every morning :)
-My companion has never had a bagel before so we bought some at the store and she is now in love with bagels and cream cheese. It's so cute.
-The water here is AMAZING. straight out of the tap dasani.
-There are rainbows all the time!
-There is a picture here of picking up all the oranges in a member's yard. The fruit of our labors!
-In Maori, "Ka Pai" means good job and is sounds like cow pie. So people say cow pie when you do something good.